BEFORE-- Volunteer before the Event to help in a variety of ways.  You could help build trail, put up obstacles, and prepare the grounds. There are also a number of ways to help with the ADMIN side of things, such as Social Media and preparing participant packets.

DURING-- Volunteer during the event.  Are you coming with a participant and not sure what you will do all day? Help with check in, parking, manning an obstacle, taking photos, live streaming parts of the race, or a number of other things. Receive free food and an Event Tshirt for yourself.

AFTER-- Once the Event is over, there are many things to wrap up from getting the grounds back in order, to inputting data, and uploading pictures to the website and social media.

All volunteers who will be helping during the actual run will have a chance to pre-run the course on the weekend before the Event during our fun day of Volunteer Training. Those volunteering on the day of the event WILL NOT be allowed to run the course that day.

We realize that great events don't happen without a team of great people.  Therefore, we want to thank our volunteers by allowing them a choice of rewards.  These may include free or discounted registration to our events, special coupon packages from our sponsors, free Event apparel, free food and drink packages, etc.