Terrain and Obstacles

This course will be about 4 miles (+/-) from steep hillside to flatland swamp.  It will be at your own pace, so the "toughness" will depend on how hard you want to push yourself through it.

We will list more info and pictures as we finish the obstacles and the course.  We will keep some obstacles from last year and add many more.  The course will run a different path from last year.  Look for a map to be coming in the near future.

2019 List of Obstacles coming soon!

2018 Planned Obstacles  These are not in order and are subject to change.
1)  Hill Climb--quick 300 ft elevation rise with obstacles along the way
2)  Slip n Slide--150 ft water slide
3)  Hay Bale Wall--Round bales stacked high into a formidable wall to cross
4)  Mud Mounds--Four huge mounds of mud separated by trenches of water
5)  Board Climb--simple, but do you have any breath after the hill climb?
6)  Oh "Poop" Chute--Hope you are part mountain goat
7)  Tire Tower--climb the mountain of tires to finish by blowing the horn
8)  Dark Maze--crawl through a tunnel maze with zero light
9)  Tunnel of Tenacity--crawl through the center of a row of tires
10)  Butt Slide--steep, slick hill- you will probably end up on your butt
11)  Rock Face Revenge--scale the rock face with rope or cargo net
12)  Under the Waterfall--not really UNDER, but close--rocks and water
13)  Baling Twine Belly Crawl--no barbed wire or electricity, just mud
14)  Water Crossing--cross the water on a horizontal cargo webbing
15)  Handy Dandy--hand over hand across the creek
16)  Gate Walk--have you ever climbed a gate horizontally?
17)  Tarzan Swing--swing from rope to rope
18)  Nimble Feet--Step lightly through a weave of twine.
19)  Vertical Tire Climb--climb up and over a high web of connected tires
20)  Hanging Belly Crawl--scoot across a row of tires suspended in air
21)  Raft Trip--navigate across the water with a "boat" and paddle
22)  Running Wall--run hard to get the momentum to get up an over

23)  Zip Line--cross the creek on a zip line

24)  Balance Beam--walk 30ft on a rounded beam

25)  Troll Crossing--it's a little low, and a little wet....and maybe more

26)  The Great Wall of "CanYa"--scale this 9ft wall with just a hanging rope

27)  Spider Web--Can you bend and twist enough to get through

28)  High Knees--step on the tires or in their holes to make it through

29)  Swamp Suckers--hope the water is low for your trek

30)  Tire Jumble--It looks easy, but how many times will you fall?

31)  Stepping Stones--jump from tire to tire, careful...it's slick

Maybe more obstacles as we think them up.....

Obstacles may be revised or deleted completely at the discretion of




There is about a 400ft elevation rise to the top of the rock from the flat below. The trail crisscrosses the hillside.


We have multiple bog areas and water crossings.....plenty of MUD!

Little Obstacles

Some of the obstacles may be a bit daunting for some participants, so there will be plenty of little obstacles along the way.

Water Slide

The 150 foot water slide is a favorite of all ages.