SUMMIT TO SWAMP OBSTACLE MUD RUN                         

Jackpot Race 2019  --  Men’s and Women’s


This will be a competitive race for prize money consisting of a Men’s Division and a Women’s Division.


Each contestant will pay an entry fee of $10.  All entry fees will go into the “pot” for that entrant’s Division.  At the conclusion of the race, the money from the “pots” will be paid to the top five winners of each Division as follows:


1st Place = 40%

2nd Place = 25%

3rd Place = 18%

4th Place = 11%

5th Place = 6%


Money will be paid in Cash and the winner will sign a “Receipt of Winnings”.  Each winner is responsible for their own accounting and tax reporting.


The Racing Course will be 3-4 miles long and designed to bypass obstacles that are “helper dependent” (such as the Zip Line).  There will be a Judge at each man-made obstacle with a checkoff sheet.  Each contestant will attempt the obstacle as they reach it. If an obstacle is busy, racers will wait in line in the order that they arrived.  If they fail to complete the obstacle, the Judge will give them the option to go to the end of the line and try again, or continue on with an “Incomplete” on the checkoff sheet.  A contestant may have only two attempts at completing an obstacle, and then they must continue on the course. There may be only one contestant per Judge on any obstacle at any time. The Judge will determine whether or not an obstacle has been completed satisfactorily. The Judge’s word will be final.


Please note that the winner’s will be determined by the following factors:


1)         Number of obstacles completed.  …and THEN....

2)         Completion time.


Therefore, it is more important to complete as many obstacles as possible, rather than strictly racing for a low Finish Time.  A racer who has the fastest time over all the other racers, but does not complete all of the obstacles, may not place at all.


Scenario 1:  All runners begin together, so their Start Time is the same.  Let’s say that only seven racers completed all of the obstacles in either their first or second try.  The Finish Times of these seven would then be compared. The fastest time of this group would then be the 1st Place winner, and on down to 5th Place. 


Scenario 2:  Only three racers completed all of the obstacles in either their first or second try.  The times of these three would then be compared, with the fastest claiming 1st Place, and so on.  For 4th and 5th Places, we would then look at the racers who had completed the next highest number of obstacles.  Their times would be compared, with the fastest of their group claiming 4th Place, etc.


Scenario 3:  No racers completed all of the obstacles in their first or second try.  The racers with the next highest number of obstacles completed would then have their times compared, with the lowest time becoming the 1st Place winner.


A tie will be resolved by combining the two levels of prize money affected by the tie, and then dividing it equally between the two contestants.  If there is a tie for 5th Place, the prize money for that level will be divided between the two contestants who have tied.


The Men’s Division race will start at 8:00am. The Women’s Division race will start at 8:20.

The number of contestants will determine if separate waves are needed or not for each Division.


For the sake of time and simplicity, the Race Course will NOT use all of the obstacles available for the Unlimited Run even though the distance may be similar.  The Race Course and obstacles will be undeniably marked to avoid any confusion.


Pictures will take place as contestants finish the race, but the Winner’s Ceremony will take place at NOON.


Please ask questions before registering if you need clarification.