(This page is in continual creation.)

Will I have cell service in Randle?

Most carriers provide service to our area. However, AT&T will NOT function east of Morton, WA.

What services are available in Randle?

Randle is a small town consisting of a grocery store, three mini marts, three gas stations, two motels, three restaurants, two bars, and a coffee stand.

How can I pay for items at the event?

Summit To Swamp will accept cash, debit, and credit card.  Individual vendors will have their own payment methods.  Cash machines are available in Randle.

What is the cost to participate?

Prices to be determined for 2020.

Can I only enter the Jackpot Race?

We are currently planning to have five events: the Jackpot Race, the Open Obstacle Course, the Team Obstacle Course, the Team Trail Race, and the Open Trail Run.  At this point we have not yet decided on prices, or package discounts.


What does "Unlimited Run" mean?

It means that you have unlimited access to the course from noon to 3pm.  You can stay on the course continuously. You  can take a break, then go back out.  You can do your favorite obstacles over and over.  It means that you get to use this course to meet your goals...training, personal challenge, team building, family time, or just for fun and laughs!

What is the Jackpot Race?

Please go to this page or see the PDF file here >Jackpot Race.

What will the trail run consist of?

The Trail Course will cover a variety of terrain including steep hilly trails, dirt roads, grassy fields, pebbled river bar, sandy beach area, and flat trails through the trees.  There will be very little overlap of Saturday's obstacle course.  The Trail Course will not contain any man-made obstacles.

Can I bring my pet?

We ask that you do not bring your pet unless it can comfortably wait in your vehicle or in a motorhome.  Prior arrangements may be made for those wishing to camp overnight.  Pets will not be allowed in the Spectator Area nor on the Course, with the exception of Certified Service Animals.