The Summit To Swamp Obstacle Mud Run will have between 30 and 50 natural and man made obstacles over a scenic course in the foothills of the Big Bottom Valley. The course gains over 400 feet of elevation in less than a 1/4 mile. The flat land is full of fun (and dirty...and wet) obstacles.

This run is designed to be a test of grit for those who want it, yet fun for the whole family. Most obstacles can be bypassed in some way for those who are not ready to meet that challenge. We will have mud obstacles, water obstacles, a zip line, climbs, and swings...some tough, and some just plain fun.

Plans for 2020--

We will have a Jackpot Race with Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Entry will be in addition to your regular registration. The top five finishers in each Division will take home cash and a medal.

For all participants, it will be Unlimited Run from noon to 2pm, so you will have plenty of time to do your favorite obstacles again and again. This is a great training course for those getting ready for competitive runs, and it is also a friendly, encouraging atmosphere for first-timers and families.

We are planning to add a Team Competition on Saturday afternoon, and a separate Trail Course on Sunday with team and individual options. Camping will be available onsite for the weekend.

We will also have the 2nd Annual Adam Roberts Challenge in memory of our local extreme adventurer, Adam Roberts. This will be a cash prize for person who participates in all five events over the weekend and scores the highest overall.

The purpose of our event is to have a day of challenging fun, and work together to overcome, and then have a great time enjoying LIVE MUSIC afterward. There is no age restriction to participate, so bring friends and family, enjoy the day, and make memories!

Come join us!

Tentative 2020 schedule: Sat-Sun, April 25-26, 2020 Registration opens on Saturday morning followed by Men’s Jackpot Race,  Women’s Jackpot Race, and Unlimited Run. The Team Competition will start in the early afternoon, with Awards and Live Music following... On Sunday there will be a Team Relay 5K Trail Course and then an Open Trail Run where we hope to have 5K and 10K options. The Trail Course will be a different course than Saturday with no man-made obstacles.  We are also looking at having a K9 heat finishing up the Open Trail Run.